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More than just one truth? Tools and perspectives for historical and political education 

“More than just one truth? Tools and perspectives for historical and political education” is an international training for youth workers and teachers and educators who are active in the field of historical and political education. The training will be an interactive exchange of new perspectives and innovative tools and methods for youth education. The overall aim of the project is to foster tolerance and understanding for each other among young people, counteracting developments like increasing nationalism, racism, hate speech and one-sided views on the past.

The training is divided into three five-day seminars, which will take place in Sarajevo  (Bosnia-Herzegovina), Krzyżowa (Poland) and Trebnitz (Germany). During each seminar  we will deal with different topics and methods, which will be linked to the respective regional and local history. Methods and approaches that will be discussed throughout the  project include: 

  • the “Entangled History”-approach developed by the Kreisau Initiative,  
  • games in historical education,  
  • working with contemporary witnesses 
  • methods to counter hate speech and conspiracy theories, 
  • visits to memorial sites, museums and institutions dealing with history, memory and civic education

We also encourage the participants to share best practices with each other. The aim is to  provide a large toolbox of methods and ideas to each educator, that can be used for  traditional as well as hybrid and digital learning. After the training, each participant will be  granted a Youthpass certificate. 

Timetable: 27.05.-31.05.2022: Seminar in Krzyżowa (Poland) 

31.10.-04.11.2022: Seminar in Trebnitz (Germany) 

1st half of 2023: seminar in Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina) 

Days prior and after these dates are travel days.

In this training you will: 

  • Travel to Sarajevo, Krzyżowa (Poland) and Trebnitz (Brandenburg, Germany), get  to know these places, their history and exchange with educators from those  countries 
  • Get to know new innovative methods that you can use in your daily youth work Learn more about gamification, creative use of social media in education and work  with contemporary witnesses and more 
  • Learn how to deal with hate speech and conspiracy narratives
  • Learn how to critically reflect on historical and political education

This training is for you if:

  • you are working (or are aiming to work) in the field of historical and/or political  youth education 
  • you aim to improve your methods and share them with others 
  • you are at least 21 years of age  
  • you live and work in Germany, Poland or Bosnia Herzegovina 
  • you can communicate with others in English 

Participant’s fee (for the whole training): 

For participants from Germany: 150€, Poland: 90€, Bosnia-Herzegovina: 60€ (covers  accommodation, full board, all programme activities including visits to memorial sites,  museums and institutions related to the topic of the seminar, exchange with international  team of trainers). 

Travel costs

Travel costs will be reimbursed in accordance with the donors’ rules, the maximum  amount depends on the seminar location and will be communicated beforehand. 


House of German-Polish Cooperation 

Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe 

Trebnitz Castle Education and Exchange Centre 

History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina  

Apply under the following link: 

Deadline: 25.04.2022 

Contact: Stefan Mehrens, +48 77 407 9525 (House of German Polish-Cooperation)